Easter Egg excitement

What an awesome Easter long weekend it has been.

4 days of relaxed family events, Easter egg hunts and the awesome Easter Eggstravaganza in Pokemon Go.

With double XP available in the game, it was an opportunity to Level up that could not be missed. I am happy to say that I took that opportunity and leveled up from 28 to 29 on Easter Sunday (yesterday).

I also caught a number of new Pokemon which made the weekend even better.

I would love to have taken the time off for the rest of this week and really made the most of the double XP but alas I go back to work tomorrow 😦

I will do my best to keep gathering as much XP as I can until the event runs out but I doubt that I will progress much over the next little while.

I am currently 119,988 XP into Level 29.

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Pokemon Go update

I have added an update to the Pokemon Go page.

A progress update of my trek towards Level 29.

Hopefully over the Easter break I will make some real headway towards reaching that next level.

I have also tweaked the layout of the site and I think it is flowing much better now.

Well that’s about it for now. Will check in again when something interesting happens 🙂


Pokemon Go – Level Up: 28

WOO! I leveled up today (finally).

To get from Level 27 to Level 28 it took me far longer than an other level up I’ve previously done.

For the most part, this was because I have been sick and had no real motivation to do much hunting. But after the longest two weeks of my life, I finally managed to go up that elusive level.

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As another first today, I also saw my first Tauros. Now I know this Pokemon isn’t available here in Australia so the lucky player that had it in the gym must have caught it in America.

So now I have added another item to my ‘To Do’ list which is to “Go back to America and catch that Pokemon!” Hopefully before too long I will be able to cross that item off my list for good.

I also caught Pokemon type number 201 today which was a Golem. All in all it was a good day and a good way to ensure that I keep updating my site.



Hello and welcome to my updated site.

I have added some more story content to ‘Bridezilla – the Tale of One Wedding’ and added a few new pages that I will fill with content over the next little while.

I will be aiming to update this site as regularly as I can.



Most of the content of this blog will be done on separate pages to keep it all nice and tidy.

The first page has already been started so please feel free to check out “Bridezilla – the Tale of one wedding” and enjoy 🙂



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